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Travel Tips Amidst the Madness of 2022

2022: The year of revenge travel.

Everybody and their mom's second cousins best friend is in Europe, flying across the country, having destination weddings and birthday parties, etc.

So why does that have anything to do with me? Or you?

It has everything and nothing to do with you.

...and by that I mean, YOU need to show up early, show a little kindness, and be ready to shift gears when need be. In the same regard, it has nothing to do with you. Everyone else is experiencing the same frustrations, the staff at airports, resorts, theme parks, and cruises are all over worked and understaffed, and you missing your flight because the security line was too long is not their problem.

That being said, here are a few tips for navigating travel this summer and moving forward in the future.

  1. Be early. If you think 2.5hrs is enough time to get through security at the airport, you're wrong. Also look into TSA pre-check and Global Entry if you travel enough. (Hello travel credit cards - check out your perks. It might be free!)

  2. Pack a pair or two of clothes in your carry-on. Flight's right now are a ~little~ crazy. The possibility of having your bags lost or delayed are there. Be prepared!

  3. If you are traveling for an occasion, travel the day before. This goes for weddings, graduations, cruises, etc. Back to the whole flight delays and cancelation thing...

  4. Book flights with longer layovers. Delays are everywhere and the best thing you can do to make sure you get on your connection is make sure your layover is 3+ hours. Plus, if everything is one time, you can grab a beer at the bar and soak up the free airport wifi.

  5. Get. Travel. Insurance. Should I say this again in bold and all caps? I will. GET. TRAVEL. INSURANCE. Travel insurance will protect your trip, including your flights and your luggage and anything else missed depending on your package.

  6. Consider bringing only a carry-on if you can. Especially if you have a connection and time is tight, you can grab your bag and spring through the airport. Fingers crossed it's not on the other side of the airport but that's usually how it works out so maybe work on your cardio too.

  7. Think about traveling in the shoulder season or taking a cruise in the fall/winter. There will be less people traveling to the same paces you want to go + the prices are usually a bit cheaper, too!

  8. Travel on the road less traveled. Talk with a travel advisor on recommendations for destinations that are less touristy and populated.

  9. Be patient and roll with the punches. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take things with a grain of salt and keep in mind that most inconveniences turn into the best stories.

  10. Book your trips with a travel advisor. I promise it helps having an expert in travel help you navigate any turmoil. Not only do we have partners on the ground all over the world, we have had our fair share of experience sitting on hold and re-booking on the fly.

So get ready for the rest of revenge travel season and grab it by the horns. Have a great time traveling, be nice to staff, and pick up your trash.

Happy travels, travel bugs!

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