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Working with us

Transcending the mere notion of a "steal" and elevating it to an unforgettable "deal." Prepare for a seamless experience where the concept of value transcends mere affordability, and every moment becomes an invaluable opportunity for once in a lifetime memory making.

What we do best


Curate custom travel itineraries for individuals who are ready to give up the reigns to a travel professional and sit back, relax, and enjoy the process

Cruise or Hotel Only

Group Travel

Full Service Itinerary

Thinking about a weekend getaway? Maybe a spring-break cruise? Oh! You're planning your best friend's Bachelorette party. Sure thing! I help with those too. I'm here to take the load off of your shoulders because trust me, I know the options are endless.

This service starts at $150
I've said it before and I'll say it again, google can't know you the way I can. Say goodbye to getting lost in the maze of Trip Advisor reviews, blog posts, or your aunt Sally's Rome recommendations from 20 years ago. Instead, let's focus on what truly matters: your priorities and desires. I'm here to create a stress-free zone where decision-making becomes a breeze.

This service starts at $350
For families and friends traveling with more than 4 people, this one is for you. You need that extra space with more than one room, different departure and arrival cities, food allergies, dealing with the in-laws, and how to invoice - look no further. I've got your back!

This service starts at $500



1. vigor and spirit or enthusiasm:

"Travel with verve"

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How it works







The first step is to fill out our inquiry form. This allows us to get an idea of what kind of traveler you are, your interests, destination ideas, budget, time of year, etc.

After filling out our form, we will have a complimentary consult call to meet and discusses your trip goals and priorities. This is a crucial step for us as travel designers so that we can prioritize your individuality!

Next, we will work on curating a proposal with hotel accommodation options, excursions ideas, dinner recommendations, transfer and rental services, etc. Once the proposal is approved, we book!


Collecting more than passport stamps and postcards


Clients that caught the travel bug

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