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Meet the Team

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life"

Michael Palin


Hi! I'm Ellie

I'm a passionate traveler, history, and architecture enthusiast who thrives on exploring diverse cultures and forging connections. Whether it's through lively conversations, indulging in local cuisine, or overcoming travel challenges, I cherish the people and experiences that travel brings. From road tripping the U.S. in a converted van to now exploring Europe with my husband and dog, my life revolves around wanderlust.  I approach crafting client itineraries with the same enthusiasm I have for planning my own adventures. I bring a fresh outlook to your travel experience and curates itineraries that offer an opportunity to learn + connect with the incredible destinations you visit.




1. vigor and spirit or enthusiasm:

"Travel with verve"

Founder + Lead Travel Advisor

Hi! I'm Sophia

Ellie's Travel Bug Advisor

A travel enthusiast with a lifelong passion for adventure. Growing up, my family's vacations instilled in me the joy of exploring new places. I'm an active traveler, whether it's biking, hiking, fishing, or simply discovering a new city. I believe that travel is a priceless treasure, offering cultural insights, excitement, knowledge, connections, and personal growth. My dedication to the travel industry and hospitality drives me to craft unforgettable experiences for others. Join me on a journey to embrace the world's wonders and enrich your life through travel.


Hi! I'm Hannah

Ellie's Travel Bug Advisor

Embarking on a journey of cultural immersion and wanderlust from a young age, I discovered my lifelong passion for travel. Fueled by a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, my love for food, photography, and the great outdoors, travel has served as the compass for creating bespoke itineraries. I firmly believe that the key to a dream vacation lies in the details—those insider tips and a meticulously planned itinerary that transform your travel aspirations into a tangible reality. Each adventure is an opportunity to weave together the threads of exploration, ensuring that every moment is a vivid snapshot of your unique journey. Join me in planning your dream trip, one tailor-made experience at a time!

Hi! I'm Alli

Alliventures, an Ellie's Travel Bug affiliated agency

After leaving a 20 year career in finance, I joined the travel industry in hopes to provide travellers the access to adventure. My 20s were spent exploring mostly domestic locations with friends, but when I turned 30, I wanted more and embarked on a 15 day solo trip to Turkey. The travel bug was officially ignited and I was hooked. As an enthusiastic adventurer, my hope is to provide unique adventures for my clients by combining my personal travels with our amazing industry connections around the world. Life is short, take the trip!

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Ellie's Travel Bug was founded on the thirst for adventure and built to serve YOU




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Perks of working with us

Our goal is to remove the intimidation that comes with planning your next adventure. We work to curate your travel plans down to a tee so you can enjoy the things that matter most: spending time with the important people in your life and making memories to last a lifetime! With our personal travel experience and connections with partners and suppliers around the globe, you will truly be taken care of from the start of your travel planning to the time you return home. 

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