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Essence & Highlights of Spain

An unforgettable journey

Experience the Highlights and Essence of Spain with Travel Bug Tours


Embark on an unforgettable journey through Spain's most captivating cities with our specially curated itinerary. Discover the architectural wonders of Barcelona, the cultural richness of Sevilla, and the historical grandeur of Madrid. Our tour offers VIP experiences for discerning travelers, featuring exclusive guided tours, hands-on activities, and luxury accommodations.


Barcelona: A City of Dreams Welcome to Barcelona, where modernist architecture meets vibrant culture. Stay at the elegant Hotel Alma Barcelona and explore the city’s culinary delights with a "Beyond Tapas" tour. Delve into the artistic genius of Antoni Gaudí with a private half-day tour, visiting landmarks like the Sagrada Familia and Casa Milà.


Sevilla: The Heart of Andalucía Fly to Sevilla, the enchanting city of flamenco and Moorish architecture. Stay at the luxurious Hotel Palacio de Villapanes and stroll through centuries-old streets with our expert guides. Experience a hands-on cooking class at Triana Market, followed by an insider's flamenco show with tapas, hosted by a local expert.


Madrid: Spain's Majestic Capital Travel by high-speed rail to Madrid, a city brimming with history and charm. Enjoy a private tour of iconic sites like the Royal Palace or the Prado Museum. Take a day trip to the ancient city of Toledo, exploring its rich cultural heritage with a private guide.


Join us for an immersive Spanish adventure that combines luxury, culture, and unforgettable experiences. Book your journey with Travel Bug Tours and discover the true essence of Spain.


April 26 - May 2, 2025

Day 1 | Arrive in Barcelona

Upon arrival at Barcelona Airport, you will meet your driver in the arrivals area for a private transfer to your hotel. Settle into the luxurious Hotel Alma Barcelona, where you will be staying for three nights. In the evening, begin your culinary adventure with the "Beyond Tapas" Tour of Barcelona, exploring the city’s diverse and authentic food scene.

Day 2 | Gaudí and Modernist Marvels

Your expert guide and driver will meet you at the hotel for a private half-day Gaudí and Modernist tour. Discover the architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudí, including the iconic Sagrada Familia and Casa Milà. Enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure, perhaps exploring more of Barcelona’s vibrant streets and local attractions.

Day 3 | From Barcelona to Sevilla

After checking out of your hotel, meet your driver for a private transfer to Barcelona Airport, where you will catch your flight to Sevilla. Upon arrival in Sevilla, another driver will transfer you to Hotel Palacio de Villapanes, where you will stay for two nights. In the afternoon, enjoy a half-day walking tour of Sevilla, taking in its historical and cultural highlights.

Day 4 | Culinary Delights and Flamenco in Sevilla

Start your day with a hands-on cooking class and Triana Market experience. Learn to prepare local dishes and immerse yourself in Sevilla’s culinary traditions. In the evening, set off for an unforgettable night of flamenco. Your guide, an expert in flamenco culture, will introduce you to the world of flamenco music and dance, followed by a tapas tour.

Day 5 | From Sevilla to Madrid

After checking out of your hotel, meet your driver for a private transfer to Sevilla Santa Justa Train Station. Take a high-speed train to Madrid, enjoying the scenic ride. Upon arrival, another private transfer will take you to your Madrid hotel. In the afternoon, embark on a private half-day tour of Madrid, visiting either the Prado Museum or the Royal Palace.

Day 6 | Day Trip to Toledo

Meet your guide at the hotel and set off together for Madrid’s Atocha train station, where you will take a high-speed train to Toledo. Upon arrival, your guide will show you the panoramic views and historical sites of this ancient city, including the Gothic Cathedral and El Greco’s famed Burial of the Count of Orgaz. Enjoy lunch on your own before returning to Madrid in the afternoon.

Day 7 | Safe travels home!

After checking out of your hotel, meet your driver for a private transfer to Madrid Airport, where you will catch your flight home. Say goodbye to Spain, taking with you unforgettable memories of your journey through Barcelona, Sevilla, and Madrid.

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1. vigor and spirit or enthusiasm:

"Travel with verve"


1. vigor and spirit or enthusiasm:

"Travel with verve"

Who is this trip for?

This trip is best suited for solo travelers, couples, and friends aged 18+ who are ready to spend 7 days on a yacht together. 

  • As the majority of this trip takes place on a sailing boat, you’ll need to feel comfortable with moving about the vessel, including the use of stairs. With that said, sea legs come naturally to some but not so much for others. Your friendly crew will be able to help with the effects of sea sickness if needed.

  • A zodiac is used to transport passengers from the boat to the mainland, with landings taking place at piers (dry landings) as well as on beaches (wet landings). Zodiacs can sometimes be awkward to climb in and out of, but a sense of humour and can-do attitude is all you need.

  • This is an adventure on board a real yacht, which means living spaces, cabins, bathrooms and showers need to be shared with other passengers. Sleeping quarters can be quite compact, but you will be spending the majority of your time above board in the open air.

  • Time on the water also means time in the sun. Remember to pack sun protection, such as sun screen and a hat, and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. See ‘Essential Trip Information’ below for a full packing list.

  • Please note that smooth sailing is dependent on the weather, so itinerary changes may occur at the last minute if the weather becomes unfavourable. If any changes are made, you can trust in your knowledgeable skipper to choose an alternative route or activity.

  • Due to the size of the yachts, sound carries easily from one side to the other and can wake your fellow travellers. If you’re planning to have a late night, it’s a good idea to head into town and experience the local night life.

Why you'll love this trip

What better way to tour the iconic Cyclades Islands than by yacht? Swim in the Aegean Sea off the side of the boat and let the waves rock you to sleep each night.

  • Chic waterfront bars line the beaches of Mykonos, serving authentic Greek food and cocktails as the sun goes down. This is a great place to eat well and relax

  • Wedged between the dramatic cliffs of Amorgos, the 11th-century monastery of Moni Hozoviotissis is a unique site for exploration

  • Santorini has some of the most distinctive and attractive landscapes in the world. Pass bleached-white villages that cling to plunging cliffs and along the rim of a volcano

  • The remote Small Cyclades islands are chock-full of tavernas serving fresh seafood, far away from tourists and the rest of the world


Barcelona: Alma Barcelona Hotel Apr 26 - Apr 28, 2 nights, Grand Deluxe room

Sevilla: Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Apr 28 - Apr 30, 2 nights, Deluxe room

Madrid: Gran Hotel Ingles Apr 30 - May 2, 2 nights, Deluxe Double room

Transportation & Boat Information

We will be using a range of transportation from private vehicles, boats, airplanes, and more. The sailing portion of the trip is accommodated entirely on board a yacht of between 54ft to 56ft. A typical yacht for 11 travelers is equipped with a mixture of 2 x double cabins, 2 x twin cabins and 1 x triple cabin. There are 5 shared bathrooms. Our boats are real yachts and this is a real sailing trip. Yachts are designed to keep sleeping areas to the absolute minimum of space, while maximising common areas as much as possible. 


While not everyone may feel entirely comfortable living in such close quarters, those who are looking to revel in the adventure and exhilaration of an authentic sailing trip usually find any discomfort from cramped living conditions is more than made up for by the whole experience.


Tours/Special Experiences:

  • Apr 26: Beyond Tapas Tour of Barcelona

  • Apr 27: Private half-day Gaudí & Modernist tour of Barcelona (La Sagrada Familia & La Pedrera)

  • Apr 28: Half-day tour of Sevilla (A Walk Through the Centuries)

  • Apr 29: Hands-on cooking class and Triana Market experience

  • Apr 29: Insider's Flamenco Show & Tapas with an expert host

  • Apr 30: Private afternoon half-day tour of Madrid (including the Prado Museum or the Royal Palace)

  • May 1: Excursion to Toledo with a private guide by high-speed train


  • Apr 26: Private transfer, Barcelona airport to Barcelona hotel

  • Apr 26: Private transfer, Barcelona hotel to Tapas place

  • Apr 27: Private driver at disposal for Gaudí & Modernist tour of Barcelona

  • Apr 28: Private transfer, Barcelona hotel to Barcelona airport

  • Apr 28: Flight from Barcelona to Sevilla

  • Apr 28: Private transfer, Sevilla airport to Sevilla hotel

  • Apr 29: Private driver at disposal for cooking class and Triana Market experience

  • Apr 30: Private driver at disposal for Sevilla hotel to Santa Justa train station

  • Apr 30: High-speed train from Sevilla to Madrid

  • Apr 30: Private driver, Madrid train station to Madrid hotel

  • Apr 30: Private driver at disposal for half-day tour of Madrid

  • May 1: Private driver, Madrid hotel to Madrid train station

  • May 2: Private driver, Madrid hotel to Madrid airport


  • Breakfast at hotels

  • Food and beverage during the Beyond Tapas Tour of Barcelona

  • Food and beverage during the hands-on cooking class and Triana Market experience

  • Food and beverage during the Insider's Flamenco Show & Tapas with an expert host

  • Additional Inclusions:

    • All intangibles of booking with Spain and Portugal leading specialist incoming travel company

    • Value-added tax and all service charges

    • Admission fees


  • Services not listed above

  • Meals not mentioned above

  • Optional tours and upgrades

  • International airfare

  • Trip insurance

  • Gratuities for drivers and guides

  • Hotel city tax where applicable

Cost + Payment | $4,916.39 per person

A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the trip cost is required to secure your spot on our tour! 

The final payment is due 45 days prior to departure (March 12, 2025).

Cancellation Policy:

The deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable. 

Interested in extending your stay?

We can chat more about this after your form is submitted! Adding on nights to see Santorini would be absolutely worth it after the long days on the water. Have a relaxed sunset dinner in Oia and marvel at the beautiful Santorini beholds! Or maybe you want to extend and pop over to Italy before heading home. Whatever the wish, we can make it happen.




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