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What is it like working with a Travel Advisor?

It's a bit like this:

Now let's be real here... if you're thinking about working with a travel advisor but you're on the fence about it, then this article is for you.

First of all, let us start with the basics:

What does a travel advisor do?

We don't just "plan" trips, y'all. Think about it this way. When you need new flooring in your home, what do you do? You hire a floor guy. Or - a buddy that your dad knows... either way - they're experts at installing flooring, right? Or at least more experienced than most. Now when you want to go on a trip, what do you do? Spend hours research, planning, scrolling through tiktok for ideas, and reading blog posts about "the perfect ____ day itinerary to ____."

Yeah... that doesn't sound fun for most people. ESPECIALLY the people who have full time jobs, a house full of kids (or fur kids), or maybe just a billion other things on your to-do list that sitting down for 10 hours and researching where you should go just doesn't quite fit...

That's where we come in.

We have your back - in more ways than one. Now, while we might be experts in travel, we can't be an expert at every single component. This is why we have colleagues and partners all over the world who ARE that we work directly with and build relationsh- *FRIENDships, with.

What sounds better than putting something in someone else's hands that knows exactly what they're doing? Idk. But if you have an idea, let me know ;)

Simply put, here is what we do:

  • Research

  • Plan

  • Book

  • Communicate

  • Support

  • Advise

But how does it work?

Great question! It's relatively simple really. We hop on a call and discuss all of your hopes and dreams about your trip - whether this be a honeymoon, regular vacation, multi-gen family trip, surprise trip, birthday, bachelorette, anniversary, you name it - we do it.

Having a call about your trip is essential in our process as each trip is tailored specifically to you and your party. We might "sell" a lot of a particular destination, but I don't exaggerate when I say that no two trips are the same.

After out call, we work on drafting the proposal. We go back and forth a few times until it's *perfect and then, the rest is in our hands! We will book every and all things necessary (usually besides flights) while updating you along the way.

Once everything is booked, you head out on your special vacay!

But WAIT! That's not all! Nope - remember how we said we have friends all over the world? Yep. Here's where that comes in handy again...

What if you miss your train... or your flight is delayed... or you lost your baggage... or you need help with a dinner reservation last minute...

Our partners are on the ground with you, in your time, that speak the native language, and can help you troubleshoot MUCH quicker than I could from across the world and in a different time zone. Sounds pretty great, right? Yeah... I'd say so!

Is using a travel advisor right for me?

You want to be sure that you're getting the full experience out of the service you'll be paying for. If you are the kind of person to DIY everything and enjoys spending hours researching and planning and booking.... then using a travel advisor probably isn't the best route for you. If you are having a terrible time with the process, chances are, so is the advisor you hired.

So, that being said, if you're somewhere in the middle - thats perfectly fine, too! Do your research - be upfront and honest about what kind of hand you want in the planning process. There is nothing wrong or annoying about telling your advisor about what you've done research on and what you're expecting to get out of your trip.

Okay, so what now?

Reach out! It doesn't hurt to have a consultation! Let's plan the trip of your dreams... together ;)

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