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Ellie's Travel Bug Group Trips

May I introduce to you; my second child (in the making). The next component of Ellie’s Travel Bug. Maybe partner, spouse, significant other, comrade? Would be a better fit when connecting the two names I hope to make brands out of. I want to make statements out of. They will work both separately and seamlessly together.

Ellie’s Travel Bug’s purpose is to provide tailor made travel experiences. We do this by crafting itineraries for you to go and venture on your own with all of the pieces put together by a travel professional.

But what about first time travelers that are nervous about their first time in a new destination?

What about well-traveled travelers that don’t care for the headache of getting from point A to point B?

What about the groups of friends that have either too many or too little “planners?”

What about the vacationers that want to become travelers and don’t know how to start?

What about the solo travelers looking for connection and community?

This one’s for you.

Introducing Travel Bug Tours. Founded on the thirst for adventure and built to serve you. A community waiting to grow by the people, for the people. Should I insert another gif? I think I will.

Was this the right one? Controversial, maybe...

The travel industry is an industry ran by HUMANS. From our initial meeting to every tour operator, airline attendant, customer service agent, taxi driver, and front desk employee - we are an industry ran and powered by humans. How special is it that dozens of people play a part in bringing you your dream trip? How special is thinking about a group of people, like minded or not, wanting to experience the same things; gastronomy, history, culture, self discovery, art, adventure, and coming together to make memories.

Now you may be thinking… is a group trip for me? What even is a group trip?

Definition of a Travel Bug Tours group trip: An escorted trip with a small group of 8-16 individuals exploring a destination with a travel professional that handles all components and coordination.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

So is it for you?

There is absolutely something special about a privatized experience. A truly custom and tailor-made, bespoke, luxurious travel experience - that’s why Ellie’s Travel Bug exists!

But I would be lying to you if that is the reason Ellie’s Travel Bug started. I was drawn to adventure and self discovery. Traveling with my family and my best friends across Europe in hostels, carrying a 50lb, massive backpack, broken rollie suit cases, long nights, overnights in airports, and cooking frozen chicken patties and rice in a dinky airbnb outside of Paris. That’s where my dream started. Those are my roots.

So when you take a trip with me, you are getting all of those experiences of navigating the “hard” things, mixed with actual industry experience, connections with local people and businesses, as well as knowledge of higher-end travel and I put it together to create a seamless experience with all of the components that make it worth it, without the hard.

Think “connection.” Think “community.” Think “amazing food”. Think “great guides and tours.” Think of a “no brainer” opportunity. Think “culture.” Think “this is right for me.”

Our group trips are not for travelers wanting a personalized, custom experience. It would not be the best fit for people who loaatthhheee getting up early (not 4am early, I am not that person either). You don't get to pick your accommodation or specific tours. Our group trips are not for people who want alone time or a vacation filled with leisure.

I will tell you who our group trips are for...

Our group trips are for travellers seeing adventure. For travelers who are sociable, excited, and eager. Our group trips are for travellers looking to step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in new cultures.

With a focus on providing authentic experiences, our group trips offer a down-to-earth travel experience led by knowledgeable local guides. We carefully select accommodations, ranging from small boutique properties to, depending on the trip, high-quality hostels. At the heart of our trip design is the commitment to authenticity, ensuring a truly immersive and memorable journey.

Travel Bug Tours has the same goal as Ellie’s Travel Bug; to not only spark the travel bug in you, but IGNITE it.

To travel with verve.

We'll see you on our next group tour. Where are we going? Everywhere.

But for starters, Iceland, Greece, Croatia, Thailand... Interested? Good.

See you soon ;)

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