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Plan Your Next Adventure with Ellie's Travel Bug


Let Us Take You There

Here at Ellie's Travel Bug, we specialize in customized itineraries so that your travel experience is unique to you, your needs, wants, and budget. We handle all of the details, including the "small" ones. These can include hotel accommodation, transfers and other transportation, tours and activities, dinning reservations and recommendations, and more.



Thinking about your honeymoon as another thing to knock off the to do list? We don't want that experience for you! You only get one... might as well do it right. Lets curate the perfect honeymoon for you and your partner! Honeymoon services start at $300.


Itinerary curation

Ready to take a trip but not quite sure where to start? Or maybe you have a start but need our expert help to fill in the details. This one is for you! Itinerary curation starts at $300

Weekend getaway

Need a weekend away? The options are endless! We will help with all of the ideas and destinations you didn't realize were possible. Weekend getaway services start at $150.

Travel Bug Trips

A taste of what's in store

Wine tasting and Vineyard tour through Portugal or Italy 

An Experience Like No Other

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Bavarian Castles tours in the Alps, walk through the bier garten, and German History

Unforgettable Memories

Ice Trekking, waterfall hiking, and Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland

Your Adventure Awaits


Chocolate experience, Coffee Tasting, Machu Picchu, and other peruvian highlights

Once in a Life time Trip


Endless Tapas, Flamenco dancing, history and art in Spain

Uniquely Curated for You


Exploring the desert and National Parks in Arizona

Making the Most of it

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